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Low Level Laser Therapy

Laser took medicine with a boom in 20th century. There must be hundreds of medical fields where laser is being used. Use of light goes back to the times of Greeks and Egyptians for treating illness. Albert Einstein (1879-1955) wrote a detailed hypothesis on LASER in 1917. Some eleven years later in 1962 Goldman is reported to apply it in medicine and then in 1967 Dr Mester began using low power laser.
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Scoliosis therapy

Scoliosis is a Greek word for crooked and is used for an anomaly of spine in which spine curvature deviates either to left or right, 10degrees more than the normal vertical alignment. It is the commonest anomaly of spine; others are Kyphosis and Lordosis. Around 5-7 million Americans by the age of 16 have scoliosis with girls 2 times more likely to be affected than boys.
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Auto Accident Injury

Whiplash is quite common universally and is significant enough to be aware of it. Whiplash is the name given to the injuries caused by a severe jerk to the head, typically in a motor vehicle accident. It usually results from a sudden collision from the back when you are in a stationary position, mostly car crashes.Any unexpected jolt to the body that causes a rapid backward and then forward motion of the head can strain and sprain the spine at any level…….
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Flat foot or flat feet is more common than we may realize and is usually a painless condition. Feet are important part of the body and of our overall health... Read more